How long does it take to see results of a PDO Lifting Threads treatment?
Results are immediate after treatment and continue to improve as the thread is absorbed. PDO lifting threads are fully absorbed after 6-12 months and leave behind a new production of collagen that gives the skin a firmer, lifted appearance.

How long does this treatment take?
Treatment can take up to an hour with instant results and minimal downtime!

How do PDO Smooth threads work?
Several PDO threads are inserted under the skin in different patterns to ensure uniform collagen production. The thread will increase blood flow to the area and create new collagen and elastin. The thread is then absorbed after 3-6 months leaving behind new collagen production in its place.

How much does this treatment cost?
This treatment is very individualized per client!

  • Smooth Thread treatment price starts at $300 and up
  • Lifting Threads treatment price starts at $1,500
  • Full Face PDO Lift price starts at $2,500