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Individuals concerned about the appearance of dark spots or sun damage on their skin may be good candidates for intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy at Oasis MedSpa & IV Bar. A photofacial with IPL is a skin rejuvenation treatment for hyperpigmentation issues on the face and neck. Using the Harmony XL PRO technology from Alma Lasers, the device sends intense pulses of light energy to stimulate the natural regeneration process and boost collagen production. In time, you should begin to see a healthier appearance, an enhanced tone, and fewer dark spots. Though IPL is a noninvasive procedure, it can be very effective and create great results for your complexion. Our Meridian, ID team can conduct a skin consultation with you to determine if this solution can help renew your complexion.

IPL treatments penetrate deep within the layers of your skin to correct many complexion concerns (especially sun spots and brown lesions) with minimal or no recovery time. Ideal candidates for an IPL photofacial at Oasis MedSpa & IV Bar typically have multiple problems with their skin, such as rosacea, sun damage, brown spots (hyperpigmentation), rough texture, large pores, redness, melasma, lines and wrinkles, or spider veins. During your consultation, we will examine your complexion and listen to your concerns to determine if you are an ideal candidate for an IPL photofacial.


Visible skin improvements can generally be seen after each IPL treatment, but optimal results are apparent about one month after completing all your treatments. It is normal for you to see different responses following each treatment. You should experience a gradual improvement in blotchiness, redness, age spots, and sun spots over time.

Most women and men experience some minor, temporary side effects, such as redness, swelling, blisters, bruising, or crusting. However, these effects should naturally subside 2 – 3 days following your treatment. Our specialists suggest patients apply a cream on the skin's surface to minimize irritation and speed healing. It also helps to use anti-inflammatory medication to help ease swelling. Over the next several days, the sun damage and other irregularities that rested under the skin will rise to the surface and then flake off. It's necessary to protect your skin with sunscreen as often as possible after an IPL treatment with the Harmony XL PRO and to not pick at the flaking skin.

Absolutely impressed with Molly's exceptional knowledge and skill as an esthetician. Her expertise shines through in every step of the facial, leaving me feeling absolutely amazing and with a radiant glow. Highly recommend her services! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

L.M. Google

Thank you so much for an amazing service & a great start to my lip journey. You made it a breeze & it didn’t hurt too bad at all 🤍

M.A. Facebook

Thank you so much for an amazing service & a great start to my lip journey. You made it a breeze & it didn’t hurt too bad at all

M.A. Facebook

This med spa is professional and very accommodating. Love Kelly and her services!

R.M. Google

🤩I have to honestly say that Sara the PA who did my Zeomin injections in my forehead did the BEST job up here in Idaho!!! AND IVE TRIED A FEW😬 I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SPA!!!! Look no further! MAKE A APPOINTMENT ~ Plus you get Molly who is tremendous at what she does in other skin care needs AND she loves what she does! I cannot express how happy I am with their services AND I MUST THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!!! I give them 10 ⭐️’s!!! Really 50!!!🙌

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The IPL laser treatment with the Harmony XL PRO is an effective alternative to invasive plastic surgery. This innovative technology addresses common skin problems, such as sun damage, age spots, and discoloration. We invite you to find out more about IPL photofacial treatments by contacting our Meridian, ID office and make an appointment for a skin analysis with our expert staff. With IPL treatments at Oasis MedSpa & IV Bar, we can reach the deeper layers of skin to help create a clear complexion and reveal a more youthful and vibrant skin tone.

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How much does IPL cost?

Every patient case is unique, which means your cost for IPL treatments will vary based on your concerns. Oasis MedSpa & IV Bar offers monthly specials, and we accept many forms of payment. During your initial visit, your technician can help estimate your cost and determine the number of treatments needed to match your goals.

How quick are the results from IPL?

Some results can usually be seen after your IPL treatment, but optimal results can be seen a month after your last treatment. It is normal for you to respond differently to each treatment session. You should notice gradual improvements of redness, blotchiness, age spots, and sun spots.

Why should I get multiple IPL sessions?

We recommend getting a series of IPL to produce gradual improvements to the appearance of your complexion. Each treatment will fade surface irregularities and spots. Multiple sessions also allow for longer-lasting improvements.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.