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The phrase "body contouring" is one that is regularly used in the plastic surgery world to describe a collection of procedures that are often used to create a shapelier silhouette. Patients who have lost weight, or whose weight has changed frequently over time, may desire to have body contouring at Oasis MedSpa & IV Bar to diminish fat, tighten the skin, and sculpt certain areas of the body. In addition, body contouring can be used for women and men who have found that at their age, diet and exercise are not as effective at shaping their bodies. Our team offers a number of options for redefining and rejuvenating your physique, from laser liposuction and EMSCULPT® to lymphatic massage and ultrasonic procedures. Contact our office in Meridian, ID to schedule your body contouring consultation.

Body contouring is beneficial for patients with difficulty achieving their ideal body contour even with exercise and diet. More advantages are:

  • Optimal outcomes after completing a series of procedures
  • Long-lasting results
  • Elimination of undesired fat cells
  • Little to no downtime following your session
  • Customized treatments

At your consultation, our team will design an aesthetic treatment plan for you. Nonsurgical services are usually completed at Oasis MedSpa & IV Bar without sedation. Treatments may include the following:

  • EMSCULPT - With this noninvasive treatment, you build muscle and lose fat simultaneously. The EMSCULPT technology efficiently tones small muscle groups such as the arms and calves and larger muscles such as the abdomen, thighs, and glutes with no gym required.
  • Laser Lipo - Unlike traditional liposuction which requires invasive surgery and a long recovery period, Laser Lipo is a body contouring treatment that provides similar results through a safer, non-invasive approach. In a series of customized treatments, we use painless light energy to accelerate the natural release of fat content stored in troublesome areas such as the abdomen, waist, thighs, hips, arms, neck, and back. Laser Lipo enhances your appearance without the risks or downtime required for traditional and outdated fat reduction procedures.
  • Ultrasonic cavitation - This modern method of liposuction employs ultrasonic sound waves to get rid of stubborn deposits of cellulite and fatty cells. This method can achieve optimal body contouring in as little as 3 – 8 sessions and should be paired successfully with a healthy diet and exercise.
  • Lymphatic massage - This therapeutic treatment helps unblock your body's waste removal system (lymphatic system) and promotes immune function. Lymphatic massage is a hands-on technique performed by an expert specialist at Oasis MedSpa & IV Bar to clear excess fluid and flush toxins out of the body. The massage technique also improves circulation and feels relaxing.

You might be a good individual for body contouring if you deal with sagging skin or unrelenting fat in locations that are hard to get rid of, despite a healthy diet and regular physical activity. The décolletage, abdomen, back, hips, and buttocks, for example, might each hold fat, causing unsightly bulges. The best candidates for body contouring are Treasure Valley, ID people who are at a healthy weight and wish for a firmer, slimmer figure but aren't ready for involved surgical treatments with a higher expense and longer recovery times.

Absolutely impressed with Molly's exceptional knowledge and skill as an esthetician. Her expertise shines through in every step of the facial, leaving me feeling absolutely amazing and with a radiant glow. Highly recommend her services! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

L.M. Google

Thank you so much for an amazing service & a great start to my lip journey. You made it a breeze & it didn’t hurt too bad at all 🤍

M.A. Facebook

Thank you so much for an amazing service & a great start to my lip journey. You made it a breeze & it didn’t hurt too bad at all

M.A. Facebook

This med spa is professional and very accommodating. Love Kelly and her services!

R.M. Google

🤩I have to honestly say that Sara the PA who did my Zeomin injections in my forehead did the BEST job up here in Idaho!!! AND IVE TRIED A FEW😬 I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SPA!!!! Look no further! MAKE A APPOINTMENT ~ Plus you get Molly who is tremendous at what she does in other skin care needs AND she loves what she does! I cannot express how happy I am with their services AND I MUST THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!!! I give them 10 ⭐️’s!!! Really 50!!!🙌

C.F. Google


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What Is Recovery Like after Body Contouring?

If your body contouring treatment plan includes a surgical procedure, you can expect to be sent home to rest and recover afterward. Nonsurgical services typically do not have a recovery period. It's not uncommon for our patients to combine several surgical procedures on multiple areas, which can require staying overnight. Body contouring is designed to reshape your body, so whether you choose surgical or nonsurgical procedures, or some of each, you will notice a thinner, trimmer silhouette and a more curvaceous physique.

If you desire a sexier shape, a rounder bottom, or a tighter tummy, body contouring at Oasis MedSpa & IV Bar can redefine your shape. We invite you to call our Meridian, ID facility and arrange a consultation. We can discuss your goals and create an individualized plan just for you. We look forward to helping you.

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How much does body contouring surgery cost?

Your cost for body contouring will be based on what is part of your customized treatment plan. In your initial consultation, Our team will understand your needs and wants before performing a physical exam. They will then give you suggestions and develop your unique treatment plan. After this, our team will be better able to estimate costs and explain your options for payment. Oasis MedSpa & IV Bar accepts many payment types, including low-interest financing, which we can help you find.

How long will my nonsurgical body contouring results last?

If you take appropriate care of yourself, the results of your nonsurgical body contouring procedure will last a long time. The optimal approach to maintain your outcomes is to sustain a healthy, steady weight. Rapid changes in your weight or getting pregnant following your treatment might alter your results. Your body will continue to age normally, so you will gradually see sagging skin again after a number of years.

Is body contouring painful?

No. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced staff, the majority of our patients do not report feeling any pain or discomfort during their nonsurgical body contouring treatment.

How much weight can I lose with nonsurgical body contouring?

Nonsurgical body contouring is not designed to be a weight loss method, and its important to set your goals accordingly. While patients can lose fat in problem areas, this treatment is not meant to be an alternative to traditional weight loss procedures or a proper diet and exercise plan.

Will insurance pay for my body contouring surgery?

Although most cosmetic surgeries are not usually covered by health insurance, it is possible that body contouring could be eligible for insurance coverage. If loose skin is the cause of medical problems, like reoccurring infections, you may be able to get reimbursement from your insurance. It will depend on your insurance carrier and policy, but if you want to submit an insurance claim, please let our team in your initial consultation. A member of our team at Oasis MedSpa & IV Bar can help you talk to your insurance to maximize your coverage.

What will be part of my body contouring surgery?

The combination of procedures will be decided in your initial consultation with our team. Procedures may be performed in stages depending on your general physical health and the number of areas being addressed. Typically, the grouping will be staged with a combination of either the upper body parts (abdomen, breasts, arms, neck, face) or lower body parts (butt, thighs, hips, knees). This staging helps minimize the risk of complications, such as blood loss and infection. This also shortens the length of time for recovery.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.