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A great facial can make your skin look brighter and more refreshed, but at Oasis MedSpa & IV Bar, the oxygen-infused hydrafacial offers deeper penetration and thorough cleansing. The results are dramatic as it hydrates and primes the skin for even makeup application, lasting about 6 days. Many individuals who try the hydrafacial usually have it done 1 – 3 days before a wedding or another celebration for the best results. This hydrafacial system makes it easier to perform professional-grade, customized facials to boost the health and tone of your skin. Whether you are concerned about clogged pores, signs of aging, dry spots, or rough skin texture, our experienced skin rejuvenation team will develop a unique hydrafacial treatment based on your skin type and needs that fits your goals. The hydrafacial offers the following benefits:

  • Unclogs and reduces the size of oily pores
  • Treats age spots and hyperpigmentation
  • Increases tightness of the skin
  • Improves laxity
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Schedule an appointment to find out more about the hydrafacial system and other treatments to keep you looking healthy and young.

Hydrafacials provide individuals at Oasis MedSpa & IV Bar with several different benefits, including:

  • A relaxing treatment
  • Improved texture and overall appearance of the skin
  • A triple-acting procedure that cleanses, extracts, and nourishes the skin
  • Hydrated, refreshed skin for a youthful aesthetic

The hydrafacial system is designed to be effective for men and women of all ages and skin types. The procedure will be personalized to suit your specific needs. Skin concerns that may be improved with a hydrafacial include:

  • Brown or sun spots
  • Chronic or infrequent acne outbreaks
  • Reduced skin elasticity or firmness
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Congested or large pores
  • Oily or greasy skin
  • Rough skin texture
  • Uneven or dull skin tone

hydrafacials, similar to HydraFacials®, are performed in our office in about 30 minutes. The process begins with a thorough consultation to decide the best approach to your facial. During your facial, we'll have you lie back in one of our private treatment rooms as your procedure begins. hydrafacials include these basic steps: cleansing and exfoliation with a spiral tip and water pressure, extraction of dead skin cells and other debris from the surface of the skin using a gentle vacuum, application of oxygen-infused water for hydration, a nourishing serum, and skin protection. These parts are customized to the needs of your skin by using the appropriate cleansers, exfoliation method, moisturizers, serums, and other products.

If needed, you can put on makeup following your treatment to conceal any redness before you resume your day. You will probably see noticeable improvements to your skin shortly following your treatment, with full results visible in several days. To sustain your newly improved skin tone, we recommend these treatments once a month. During your initial consultation, we can help you schedule ongoing treatments and discuss a home skin care routine to nourish your skin in between professional treatments.

I saw Sara a few weeks ago for some botox and then more recently for a facial. She is amazing, and made me feel very comfortable! She has a lot of knowledge on different products and procedures and was able to answer all of my questions. She is also an RN, which I always check for before botox or med spa procedures! She made good recommendations for my skin type, including products and types of facials that would be more beneficial. The spa is very chic, and clean. I will definitely be going back!

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If you're looking for a professional treatment to boost the health and wellness of your skin, the hydrafacial at Oasis MedSpa & IV Bar is a beneficial option. The hydrafacial system lets you control the products in your facial, adjusting them as needed to personalize your results. At our Meridian, ID office, we focus on providing customized treatments to each of our patients. This procedure is a perfect example of our devotion to our clients. When it's time for a professional facial, and you want to learn more about the technology of hydrafacials, contact our office to schedule a consultation with our expert team.

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What results should I expect with a HydroFacial?

HydroFacials are considered an excellent treatment to include in your regular skin care routine. Even though classic facials are effective, a HydroFacial advances the process even further by washing out your pores and offering a deeper level of clarification. HydroFacials can make your skin feel and look softer and more luminous. Based on your skin condition, we can add added elements to the facial to rectify diverse kinds of skin irregularities.

Am I able to combine a HydroFacial with other treatments?

Everyone that comes to Oasis MedSpa & IV Bar can mix their HydroFacial with several various treatments, which will be carried out during your session. This consists of fillers, BOTOX, and in a supplemental visit might additionally include a laser peel. A combination of these skin revitalization treatments can offer optimal effects.

How frequently should I get a HydroFacial?

HydroFacials can be done whenever you feel your skin may yearn for improvement. Many of our patients schedule their HydroFacials a couple of months apart and maintain traditional facials in between. When you attend your first appointment, we will determine how many HydroFacial treatments you may need to retain the results to aspire to reach.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.